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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You Are Loved of my very best and cherished friends had the vision and motivation to create this amazing, creative, moving business backed 100% by love, love and more love. The products that Julie has had the vision to create can offer strong and meaningful messages for kids, parents, cancer patients, women, young girls, boys, families with cancer victims...the list is on-going. I am truly inspired by Julie's drive to make her business successful; she is a very special person with this extremely poignant message brought to life through her passion which is You Are Loved Designs.
As I read the inspiration behing You Are Loved Designs, I realize that it represents everyone. We all need the affirmation of love, strength and courage at different times in our lives. We never know where that support will come from. Sometimes it is from within or from others. Wherever it comes from, it is there unconditionally and will carry us through. It reminds us that we are never given more than we can handle and that we can look forward to the next chapter of our lives with just a little more faith and self-assurance.